Unlock the Hidden Revenue in Your Email & SMS Automations
Get a personalized roadmap on how to boost conversion, AOV, and LTV with your email & SMS automations.
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Data-Driven Recommendations to Optimize Your Email & SMS Flows
Our team has spent the last 5 years designing retention marketing programs for some of the fastest-growing ecommerce brands. Now you can get the same expert advice, without a retainer.

Learn How to Grow Your List, Fast

Get a detailed analysis of your largest sources of list growth and specific recommendations on how to turn more sessions into subscribers with enhanced opt-in strategies.

Optimize Your Email & SMS Automations

We’ll do a deep dive on your existing marketing automations and recommend changes to your existing flows or provide outlines for a complete overhaul.

A detailed flow map of all your automations in Figma across email & sms channels
Flow-by-flow recommendations on how to optimize your timing, messaging, and design.
Outlines of new flows you should implement to shore up any leaks in your automation funnel

Get Conversion-Focused Messaging & Design

We’ll review your existing emails and provide point-by-point updates you can make to improve your conversion rate.


Get a One-Flow
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Pick a flow of your choice, and we’ll provide a detailed analysis of how you can optimize it for better conversion.

We’ll also do a deep dive on your entire retention marketing funnel and include a roadmap of the highest impact flows to target next.

Message-by-message optimization for one flow of your choice — including the exact offer, design, and messaging updates we recommend.
A strategic roadmap of other high-impact flows  you should optimize next, including any new flows that don’t currently exist.
BONUS: Additional Figma file with a customer journey map including all your email & SMS flows
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Can You Help Me Implement My Recommendations?
We have a full-service agency to help you execute any (or all) of the steps to put your plan into action.
Technical Implementation
Want to handle design in house, but need some help with the tech side?
Design and copywriting resources to craft the perfect messages.
Ongoing Strategic Consulting
Continual testing and optimization of your flows to keep on improving.
Can You Integrate All of My Marketing Apps?
Bring all of your marketing app touchpoints under one roof for a unified, comprehensive customer journey.
SMS Marketing
Sync your contacts and align your messaging between your email & SMS channels.
Reduce non-impactful duplicate messages across channels
Make sure every subscriber you capture is flowing into both channels

Shipping Updates
Make transactional messages part of your larger post-purchase experience.
Reduce customer service inquiries by providing accurate shipping updates
Correctly time post-purchase marketing messages based on when customers actually receive their shipments
Loyalty Program
Seamlessly integrate your loyalty program into all of your email & SMS touch points.
Increase loyalty program adoption and usage with post-purchase touch points
Showcase customer points and status dynamically in your emails to increase redemptions
Generate more reviews and control the look & feel of your review request messages.
Bring in dynamic reviews to personalize your marketing messages and show reviews of the specific products customers are looking at.
Bring all of your subscription messages into Klaviyo to keep them on-brand.
Reduce churn by adding quick links to your subscription messages so users can quickly pause, skip, or edit their subscription.
Connect your lead gen ad campaigns to your email & SMS platforms and use your lists for retargeting.
Reduce non-impactful duplicate messages across channels
Make sure every subscriber you capture is flowing into both channels