Project Overview

Clearcover is a digital car insurance startup based on Chicago that uses artificial intelligence to provide better policy rates to customers. The company recently raised a $43 million Series B funding round and shows no signs of slowing down.

The Problem

Clearcover’s marketing team produces a fantastic blog on subjects ranging from what you’d expect, like “What is comprehensive car insurance?”, all the way to “Three date ideas that won’t break the bank”.

Unfortunately, the blog was originally custom coded by the Clearcover engineering team and every new blog post required precious engineering time. Alice, the Communications Director at Clearcover wanted a blog solution built on a reliable and easy-to-use CMS to free up her team to manage the blog without having to depend on the internal engineering team.

There were also SEO implications to consider when switching from a custom-designed site to a CMS. We would need to ensure that all SEO value racked up from the current site was transferred to the new design.

The Solution

We designed a completely custom template for a new blog on the Squarespace CMS that matched the exact styles of the original Clearcover blog to ensure consistency with the rest of the site. We also took special care to ensure all SEO metadata (title tag, meta description, etc) and page tags (H1, H2, H3, internal/external links) were exactly the same as the original blog. And last, because the URLs of many of the blog posts would change, we worked with Clearcover’s engineering team to set up 301 redirects where necessary.

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Services Provided

Web Design

UI/UX Design

SEO Optimization