Project Overview

Finli is a Techstars-backed Los Angeles fintech startup changing the way we give. The Finli app allows you to contribute money directly to the child-related expenses of your friends and family. Instead of buying your niece another overpriced toy she’ll never end up playing with you can cover her piano lesson.

The Problem

When the founder of Finli approached us for a website redesign, she shared that users were having trouble understanding what the actual product did with the current version of the website.

She confessed that she came from an engineering background and the current site messaging was too feature-focused and didn’t present a compelling story.

The primary opportunity to improve Finli’s website would be in creating a relatable story that spoke to the target user persona of the Finli app — parents.

The Solution

We wrote a completely new messaging flow that would remove nearly all of the technical details of how the payments system worked and instead spoke to specific use cases for the app. We lost the tech buzzwords (see platform) and talked about the problem users were experiencing and how Finli could address those problems with tangible examples.


Services Provided

Web Design


Brand Typography & Colors

UI/UX Design